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An AirTime Credit Transfer PIN may be used as follows:

  • Select Use Your PIN in the menu to send a mobile top up and have the payment deducted from the PIN. You may save the PIN in your login account to avoid having to enter it the next time you use it and to track your AirTime Credit Transfer transactions.
  • Send a mobile top up request by sending a text message (SMS) to 1-416-568-8311 (Canada) in the following format:
    70#< PIN >#< Airtime Credit Amount in $ to send >#< Mobile Telephone Number including country code >
  • Call 1-416-840-1530 (Canada) to reach the IVR system and follow the voice prompts to enter the PIN, the recipient's prepaid mobile telephone number, and the amount of Airtime Credit that you want to send.
  • Give the PIN to a friend to send AirTime Credit Transfers.

(1) Register as a user / service subscriber
Click Here to Register
Advantage of registration:
You can view the account information including details of Airtime Credit Transfers made.
You can top up the credit by transferring the credit from another PIN.

(2) Login and buy a PIN using Moneybookers or Paypal
Click Here to Login and Buy PIN

(3) If desired, link the PIN to your account to send Airtime Credit Transfers from this web site.
Or just use the PIN to send Airtime Credit Transfers by SMS or IVR.

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