Use Your PIN

If you have purchased an Airtime Credit Transfer Card, you can use your PIN in the following ways:

(1) Register as a user / service subscriber
Click Here to Register
Advantage of registration:
You can view the account information including details of Airtime Credit Transfers made
You can top up the credit by transferring the credit from another PIN.
(2) Login and link your PIN to your account
Click Here to Login and Use PIN
(3) Login and use the linked PIN to send Airtime Credit Transfers
You can view your account, etc. after login

Send to 1-416-568-8311 (Canada) a text message (SMS) containing the PIN, the Airtime Credit Transfer amount in $ that you want to send, and the recipient's mobile telephone number in the following format:
70#<PIN>#<AirTime Credit Transfer amount in $ to send>#<Mobile Telephone Number including country code>

Call 1-416-840-1530 (Canada) to reach the IVR system and follow the voice prompts to enter the PIN, the recipient's prepaid mobile telephone number, and the amount of Airtime Credit that you want to send.

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